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Our resources are ready for you to use today in your classroom. Our aim when developing TeachApplied Resources, is to engage young people in meaningful activities that relate to both their interests and pathway plans. We believe learning programs should firstly engage, then look to develop students’ skills and knowledge. Applied Learning provides students with wonderful learning opportunities, but the first step for teachers is always curriculum development. We appreciate this can be a lengthy endeavour for busy teachers. We hope that TeachApplied resources can assist teachers to deliver engaging and stimulating learning programs.

We have over 30 years’ combined teaching experience, both in Australia and internationally. Kim has expertise in teaching Numeracy whilst Jill has a wealth of knowledge in Literacy, PDS and WRS. We both have a passion for applied learning, and more importantly applied learners! We have enjoyed sharing our applied learning experience with fellow teachers; presenting at a number of VCAA and Catholic Education Seminars over the past few years.